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Cycle your way to a healthier life style


CyclePath- The Ultimate Elliptical Pedaling Game Console




This Hybrid technology that has both health benefits and game playing abilities will make

a new and fresh category in the home game console and exercise categories, crossing

over into a new path showing children (and adults) how to combine both


Promotes blood circulation through light to medium exercise

Help children become physically more active

Creates a healthier environment and homelife

Gives parents better tools to be involved in their kids’ health

Condition kids to play on their smartphones while doing exercise wherever they may be

Allow parents access to monitor their children's game playing time on the smartphone

User friendly for anyone with medical needs such post-surgery physical therapy, diabetic

patients. Etc.



what can we know, and what we do with this knowledge

Heart rate

Calories used


Difficulty levels

Distance of ride

Time of play.

Information will be accessible and will be provided to parents  via email at the start.


How does it works

CyclePath requires no outside power

Emits no gases or radiation

Can be used with any seat, chair, bench or in a car.

Has no age limits. 2-99. If you can pedal you can play or just spin it.

Since you generate energy while pedaling, you can charge your phone or anything else

thru the USB port connection while spinning and playing on your phone



Direct drive motor with a step-up gear

Pedals and inner bearings

Vibration coil/motor

Main mother board/control and I/O combine (costume designed w/ integrity)

Dual Dynamo units coupled w capacitors (self-Charge and external charge)

Micro multi-color circular LED double Set (emulate spin difficulty green-red)

Internal light metal casing (for durability and strength)

External costume made mold from plastic based materials


Games that can be played on a smartphone while pedaling the CyclePath

Currently we have one game developed so far for POC purpose.

Bike&Hill downloaded by request Android only for now, when we go to full production will

have a selection of various games for both IOS and Android. All will be able to be download

from the online stores or from

We use Bluetooth connectivity technology between bike and the smartphone.


Check out this great video


My vision is to combine this experience in two ways:

1. Have game developers come up with their own creative game combo ideas that will

provide both fun and a healthier lifestyle to the user, such as combine the CyclePath

use in a more complex game such as Fortnite or Minecraft, in which the player does

not move around the play field without pedaling. Or fun games like FunRun3. In

which player will slide or run according to the speed of his spinning the CyclePath.

Thus, combining some exercise with every day popular games.

2. Create a “CrossFit” platform for children (or adults) in which they will be able to

choose any and all other items around their home or area of living space that can

be combined into a daily physical activity. For example; You do an online checklist.:

CyclePath, Basketball Hoop, Trampoline, etc. Future app will direct player to start a

light 5 minute warm up with a bike race on the smartphone using the CyclePath,

than move to the Trampoline and jump with the smart phone and collect the coins

that are jumping around on the screen, than go and shoot hoops for 5 more minutes

and get rewarded 1 coin for back board and 3 for getting it thru the net.(using micro

sensors or smart barcodes)

These ideas will materialize and become the way of the future once we get the kids/

user to start playing on the CyclePath. Game developers will have a new platform

like; Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii. They will come up with endless ideas..

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