About Us


This hybrid technology has both health benefits and game playing capabilities. It marks an exciting and new category in home gaming and home exercise, crossing over into a new path to show children and adults how to combine both.


  • Promotes blood circulation with light to medium exercise  
  • Helps children and teens become more physically active 
  • Creates a healthier environment and home life 
  • Gives parents better tools to be involved in their kids’ health 
  • Conditions kids to do exercise while playing on their smartphones wherever they may be 
  • Allows parents access to monitor their children’s game playing time on the smartphone 
  • User friendly for anyone with medical needs such as post-surgery physical therapy, diabetic patients, etc. 

What Will You Know?


CyclePath will tell you:

  • Heart Rate
  • Calories Used
  • Speed
  • Difficulty
  • Distance
  • Time

Information will be accessible through the included fitness band.

How Does It Work?


CyclePath uses Bluetooth technology to link your smartphone to the bike. The information and statistics are then synced to the included fitness band. It requires no outside power, emits no gases or radiation and has no age limit. Since you generate energy while pedaling, you can charge your phone or any other device through the USB port connection. 

Components of CyclePath

 CyclePath Components Include:

  • Direct drive motor with a step-up gear
  • Pedals and inner bearings
  • Vibration coil/motor
  • Main mother board/control and I/O combine (costume designed with integrity)
  • Dual Dynamo units coupled w capacitors (self charge and external charge)
  • Micro multi-color circular LED double set (green and red to emulate spin difficulty)
  • Internal light metal casing for durability and strength
  • External costume mold made from plastic based materials