Future of Platform

 "My vision is to combine this experience in two ways:

  1. Have game developers come up with their own creative game ideas that will provide fun and promote a healthy lifestyle to the user. An example of this would be to combine the CyclePath use in a more complex game such as Fortnite or Minecraft, in which the player uses the bike to control the character. Overall, we at CyclePath want to combine exercise with every day popular games.
  2. Create a “CrossFit” like platform for children and adults in which they will be able to choose any and all other items around their home or area of living space that can be combined into their daily physical activity. For example, you could do an online checklist of things around your house (CyclePath, basketball hoop, trampoline, etc). Future apps will direct player to start a light 5 minute warm up with a bike race on the smartphone using the CyclePath, than move to the trampoline and jump with the smart phone and collect the coins that are jumping around on the screen, than go and shoot hoops for 5 more minutes and get rewarded 1 coin for back board shots and 3 for getting it through the net using micro-sensors or smart barcodes.

These ideas will materialize and hopefully set a new standard for the future. Game developers like Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation will have a new platform to come up with endless ideas for."

- Nissim Amar